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Careers4Change is focused on guiding talent into jobs which stimulate social change, whether they relate to sustaining and building communities, driving smarter and bolder environmental sustainability, supporting ethical products and supply chains or accelerating the growth of the social investment sector.  Our principal goal is to populate strategic positions with individuals who are poised to make change for a more sustainable world.


Why Careers4Change is different


Sheena Pentin, Director of Careers4Change, has a diversity of experience derived from the corporate sector, the social economy and the charity arena, equipping her with the ability to assess and deliver the talent required in businesses and social impact organisations, to drive social change and cultivate purpose-driven business. 


Sheena’s business acumen, gleaned from her tenure in the fast moving commercial world of publishing, provided her with a thorough understanding of the business arena and the importance of effective leadership . Sheena spent several years connecting major companies with grass roots social enterprises, whilst working for a social business which is now, arguably the UK’s leading impact investment firm. She has always played an important role in urging the corporate world to support social change through her volunteer fundraising roles for various charities.


As an enthusiastic ambassador of social change, Sheena has been a speaker at various events and a participant of social impact workshops both in the UK and overseas.  





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Sheena Pentin

Said Business School, Oxford, May 2017